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Paul Graham

Canada is his home.  No, really.  The entire country.  You see, Paul was an Air Force brat, so he literally spent time in various cities right across the country.  It was a musical clan.  Paul actually played in his father's Big Band at the age of six.

His love of broadcasting took some time to materialize.  Paul spent time at a number of jobs over the years.  Driving cab.  Driving truck.  He was even a licensed mechanic! 
It was after meeting Joey Gregorash that Paul started working with people in the music industry, and he's developed many connections, and friendships, over the years.
The radio career started in Winnipeg at CFRW in 1976.  A stint at CKRC followed that, before he finally landed a gig at Winnipeg's news and talk powerhouse CJOB in 1991.  In the summer of 2007 he made the decision to join the family at NL Broadcasting.

Paul and his wife Jayne make their home in Westwold (yep - quite the commute every day!).  Quincy (all 70 pounds of him), Spencer (all 8 pounds of him), Fraser (all 5 pounds) and two cats make up the Graham clan. Oh, did we mention all those chickens?

THINGS YOU WON'T HEAR ON THE NEWS    Friday June 26/15  (This feature will return Monday, July 6th)

    Legal pot sales could come to Oregon far sooner than expected. A state legislative committee has approved a bill that would allow legal weed to be sold as soon as October 1. Under a law approved last year by voters, marijuana use and possession becomes legal July 1. But regulators said retail pot sales might take another year. The measure under consideration by lawmakers would allow recreational pot sales though existing medical marijuana dispensaries.

    The land belongs to the Boy Scouts -- but the pot certainly doesn't. Two men are facing charges for growing pot on Bay Area Boy Scout land in Northern California. Nicholas Henderson and John Henry are also charged with causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to scout property. Their lawyers tell the Santa Rosa Press Democrat the men had the right to grow medical marijuana. They also say the damage estimate is inflated. The next hearing in the case is slated for July 29.

    Lots of kids try to catch fireflies. But in California a college student has caught one that had never been seen before. Officials at the University of California, Riverside, say Joshua Oliva was puzzled by an insect he had found. He brought it to the entomology museum on campus and learned it was a firefly that had never been categorized. That was confirmed by experts at the University of Florida. Oliva is now credited with the discovery of a new species of firefly. He's since graduated and plans to apply to UCR for graduate studies in entomology.

    Cussing at the cops is protected by the Constitution. That's the gist of a ruling from the Washington state Supreme Court. The court heard the case of a boy who yelled profanities at officers while they tried to calm his intoxicated sister. The boy has arrested on a charge of obstructing a law enforcement officer. The justices ruled the First Amendment protects citizens, even when they're yelling four-letter words at police.

    It's a gem you'd need a truck to haul. And it's at the centre of a court battle. A federal judge in Washington has issued a restraining order that prevents the sale of the Bahia Emerald. The gem weighs more than 750 pounds and has been appraised at over 370 million bucks. A state judge in Los Angeles last month found that a trading company, FM Holdings, had established clear title to the emerald. But Brazil contends the emerald was illegally mined and smuggled out of the country. The federal court order requires that the giant gem be stored by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The emerald can't be moved until the Brazilian criminal case is settled.

    Philly's crosswalks are going rainbow. The crosswalks in a predominantly gay neighbourhood of Philadelphia are now red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. The rainbow crosswalks appeared yesterday morning in support of gay pride. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the new colour scheme will be dedicated July 5, to mark the 50th anniversary of the first wave of U.S. LGBT rights demonstrations.


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