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Jim Harrison Show

SAD...Seasonal Affected Disorder.  It's alaso been caused the Christmas Blues.  What exactly is it and what can be done about it?  IHA Psychology Clinician Dale Senger joined Jim Harrison on Thursday, December 18th to talk about SAD.

The BC Lottery Corporation has been under fire of late on numerous fronts. What are the problems and what's being done to correct them?  To put these issues into perspective, Jim Harrison was joined by the interim CEO and President of BCLC, Jim Lightbody on the Thursday, December 18th program.

Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar made his weekly visit to the Harrison Show on Wednesday, December 17th.  He addressed pressing municipal issues, including the immenent disruption to motorists with the refurbishing of the Overlanders Bridge.

BC NDP Leader John Horgan joined Jim Harrison on Wednesday, December 17th with a year-end report card of his party's fortune and goals for 2015.

Kamloops Conservative MP Cathy McLeod swung by the Harrison Show on Tuesday, December 16th to review 2014 and look forward to next year.

Ebola has been in the news much of 2014 and its spread and implications for the globe is daunting.  Patrice Gordon is an IHA nurse in Sierra Leone and shared her powerful story with Jim Harrison on Tuesday, December 16th.

Are you happy with the level of road maintenance in BC this year?  Bob Gilowski of VSA Highway Maintenance swung by the Harrison Show on Thursday, December 11th to try to put highways maintenance into perspective.

Elma Schemenauer is a Kamloops author who has penned a new novel  called "Consider the Sunflowers".  She joined Jim Harrison on Thursday, December 11th to talk about the book.

How did the Kamloops Real Estate market do this year and what are the expectations for 2015?  Realtor Vince Cavalier of River City Realty popped by the Harrison Show Thursday, December 11th to talk houses.

Sexual assaults against women; is it on the rise?  To answer that question and what women can do to protect themselves, Jim Harrison was joined by Kamloops Sexual Assault Counselling Centre councillor Tara Ettinger on Wednesday, December 10th.

Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar swung by for his weekly Council update on Wednesday, December 10th.

Longtime Kamloops adventurer Ernie Beadle careened into to the Harrison Show on Wednesday, December 10th to get us up to speed on his latest adventure.

It's bound to be the book of choice on the throne.  Jim Harrison was joined Tuesday, December 9th by Gordon Javna, the authour of the iconic Uncle John's Bathroom Reader..

Fintan Robb is with Global Star Canada.  He beamed into the Harrison Show on Tuesday, December 9th to talk about his winter safety system.

Food Banks; why are they still necessary?  The Executive Director of the Kamloops Food Bank, Bernadette Siracky swung by the  Jim Harrison Show on Thursday, December 4th to talk about the on-going need for Food Banks.

Dr Alan Shaver is the President of Thompson Rivers University; a growing university that has recently been feeling more than its' share of growing pains.  He joined Jim Harrison on Thursday, December 4th to address the challenges and goals for TRU.

Kamloops resident Ben Creasser is a young adventurer, who recently climbed Mount Kilimanjarno to raise funds for the local Alzheimers Society.  He shared his adventure with Jim Harrison on Wednesday, December 3rd.

Former BC Attorney General and Supreme Court Justice Wally Opal joined Jim Harrison on Wednesday, December 3rd edition to speak to his connection to the Monica Jack killing back in the 1970's.

Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar joined Jim Harrison December 3rd for his weekly Council update.

BC Health Minister Terry Lake swung by the Harrison Show Tuesday, December 2nd with a year-end recap of what ails the health care system, as well as the triumphs of the past year.

The Minister of Housing, Energy Development Rich Coleman popped by the Harrison Show on Tuesday, December 2nd to talk about BC's new Building Code and what it means for builders and homeowners?

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