CANUCKS host the MONTREAL CANADIENS Thursday night. NL's Pre-Game starts at 6:00. Faceoff at 7:00.

What do you believe was behind the attacks in Ottawa last week: Ideology, or the actions of a desperate individual who fell through the country's social safety net?
  Ideologically driven.
  A desperate individual whose need for help went unanswered.
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Jim Harrison Show

Are Halloween customes sexualizing our kids, especially girls? One Victoria mom certainly thinks so.  Raina Delisle joined Jim Harrison on Wednesday, October 29th to plead her case and what she did about it.

It's like something out of the Jetsons, but it's not the realm of science fiction anymore.  Dr. Moller Swung by the Harrison Show on Wednesday, October 29th to take about his flying car.

With a number of improvements made to their resort in Blue River, Mike Wiegele Heli-skiing is prepared to give you the adventure of a lifetime. Lead Guide Tim McLean had the details on the Tuesday, October 28th show.

The B.C. Pharmacy Association is releasing the results of a new research project geared at personalizing medicine for patients. C. E. O. Geraldine Vance had details on the October 28th show.

The 4 Nations Cup is coming to Kamloops next month. The Chair of the Host Committee, Jon Pankuch swung by the Harrison Show on Thursday, October 23rd to talk about this exciting sporting event.

Sagewood Winery is one of the oldest producing commercial vineyards in Kamloops. Owner Shelley Wood stops by the Harrison Show Thursday, October 23rd with the savory details.

It's a saucy way to raise money for a good cause and it gives for a whole year.Kamloops firefighter Jamie Chase popped by the Harrison Show on Tuesday, October 21st to pitch the 2015 Firefighting Calendar Fundraiser.

Site C, it's been in the news for years, but is Victoria getting 'cold feet' when it comes to this project?  To answer that question and give us his perspective on the massive project, Jim Harrison was joined by Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett on the Thursday, October 16th program.

Energy Light and Information. It's called "Reconnective Healing".  Doctor Eric Pearl energized the Harrison Show on Wednesday, October 15th to explain this controversial practice.

"Doctor Assisted Suicide".  A controversial and highly emotional topic.  Jim Harrison welcomes TRU Assistant Law Professor Micah Rankin on Wednesday, October 15th for a legal perspective on Assisted Suicide.

Jim Harrison went buggy on the Tuesday, October 14th show when he was joined by bug researcher Yasmin Akhtar.

Hockey talk on the Harrison Show  Tom Renny has been involved in hockey for many years and was recently named to the top job at Hockey Canada.  He joined Jim Harrison on the Thursday, October 10th program.


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