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Jim Harrison Show

Social media? Is it what it's cracked up to be?  Technologies Relationship researcher Dr. Peter Sacco popped by the Harrison Show on Tuesday, April 22nd to discuss online dating through social media.

He has lived a life filled with Grizzly Bear encounters and catching poachers and he is now an author.  Retired Fisheries Officer Randy Nelson joined Jim Harrison on Tuesday, April 22nd to share his stories.

Kamloops Realtor Vince Cavaliere swung by the Harrison Show April 22nd to look at the local realty market and what's hot and what's not.

Kamloops South Thompson MLA and Transportation Minister, Todd Stone stopped by the Jim Harrison Show April 17th to discuss a number of topics including ICBC overcharging a large number of BC mortorists.

They are the bane of any gardener's existence and apparently they're back with avengance. Ant expert and TRU entomologist, Rob Higgins was telling Jim Harrison on April 17th the latest findings on the fire ants.

Decision making and life choices... and the consequences of poor decision making. Motivational ICBC speaker, Kevin Brooks stopped by the Jim Harrison Show April 17th during his Interior raod safety tour

Substance abuse affects us all. The Kamloops Arts Council and Phoenix Centre have joined forces to feature "The Bearing Witness" exhibit. Kathy Sinclair and Sian Lewis talked with Jim April 15th to talk about this.

He's the only person in the race to become the new leader of the BC NDP. John Horgan is touring the Province and he stopped into the Jim Harrison Show April 15th.

Kamloops will likely play a new role for the BC Conservative Party after the recent election of it's new leader. Jim Harrison welcomed Dan Brooks into the studio April 15th

Doctor Lyn Anglin, Chair of the Advisory Council, popped by the Jim Harrison Show April 15th to speak about the Resource Industry and it's part in driving the economy in the Province even as some are totally unaware of the true value.

Dying with dignity.  A Toronto Palliative Care Physician says it's time to get off the fence and address the issue in a respectful manner.  Dr. James Downar popped by the Harrison Show on Thursday, April 10th to talk about the issue.

The owner of Angels Animal Rescue Judanna Don-Caros is defending her business
from a handful of angry neighbours in the Nicola Valley. She swung by the Harrison Show on Thursday, April 10th to set the record straight.

He was a former Editor of the Kamloops Daily News and is now operating his own news website.  Mel Rothenburger popped by the Harrison Show April 10th to talk about his post retirement passion.

In advance of his appearance in Kamloops, former Offensive Linesman for the BC Lions, Angus Reid popped by the Harrison on Tuesday, April 8th to talk about football and his future plans.

What is the state of BC's ambulance system?  That's the question raised by long-time critic Hans Dysarsz, who popped by the Harrison Show on Tuesday, April 8th.

Is distracted driving the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in BC? Mike Cain with Sense BC joined Jim Harrison on Tuesday, April 8th with his own analysis,

Authors Bruce Logan and Elaine Head swung by the Harrison Show on Tuesday, April 8th to dicuss the impetus in writing about their journeys through Vietnam.

How clean are our hospitals? Infectious disease specialist Dr. Dick Zoutman provided us with some answers on the April 3rd show.

Brad Harrison is the Chair, and Randy Sunderman is the Secretary, of the Kamloops Voters Society. What's the society all about? The pair were guests on the April 3rd show.

Aleece Laird is the newly elected President of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, and she, along with Chamber Executive Director Deb McLelland, had the opportunity to outline the Chamber's goals for the year ahead on the April 3rd edition of the Harrison Show.

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