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Head Lice; are they the domain of lower income people?  Pharmacist Priti Bhathella swung by the Harrison Show on Tuesday, May 26th to dispel a myriad of misconceptions and rumours surrounding these little critters.

How would you like to 'smoke' your cup of coffee?  Well, now you can, thanks to an upstart company in Vancouver.  Guest host Peter Olsen was joined by Elliot Mashford, the President of Eagle Energy Vapour on the Harrison Show, to talk about his new product.

Urban Hens in a neighbourhood near you? It's part of the City of Kamloops Food and Urban Agriculture Plan.  Carmin Mazzotta swung by the Harrison Show on May 26th to talk about it.

He is an inspiration to many.  Kamloops resident Bob Costerton is a 50 year old Kamloops resident, who has battled CF all his life.  He shared his journey and his latest drive to raise awareness of his disease, when he joined guest host Peter Olsen on the May 26th edition of the Harrison Show.

The property tax deadline is coming up at the end of June in Kamloops.  Kamloops Revenue and Taxation Manager Perissa Buhallar swung by the Harrison Show on Thursday, May 21st with some last minute details.

The LNG debate in BC.  The Minister responsible for Natural Gas Development, MLA Rich Coleman joined Jim Harrison on Thursday, May 21st to get us up to date on this process.

It was memorable weekend for the Kamloops Skydivers Sport Parachute Club, with a couple of participant injuries.  Dean Shryver of the club dropped into the Harrison Show on Thursday, May 21st to talk about the sport and what went wrong during their Meet?

MP Cathy McLeod joined Jim Harrison on Wednesday, May 20 to speak to challenges facing her government and Canadians in general.

Driverless trucks.  Does the prospect make you nervous?  Brad Thiessen of Daimler Trucks swung by the Harrison Show on Wednesday, May 20th to talk about  the new technology and hopefully allay the fears of other motorists.

There are a number of new regulations governing the use of ATV's and other off-road vehicles.  Jeff Mohr is the President of the ATV Association of BC.  He joined Jim Harrison on Wednesday, May 20th to talk about the new regs.

The World Women's Hockey Championship will be here before we know it and the volunteer recruitment drive has begun.  Patrick O'Donovan and Riley Wichar popped by the Harrison Show on Tuesday, May 19th to talk about this world class event.

It's the tragic story of Paige.  BC's representative for Children and Youth, Mary Ellen Turpel Lafond joined Jim Harrison on Tuesday, May 19th to share her views on this tragedy.

The Fraser Institute has just released their annual rankings of school performance in BC.  Not everyone is a fan of this annual report card, including the Chair of the Kamloops School Board, Denise Harper.  She joined Jim Harrison on Thursday, May 14th to tell us why.

The trend of verbally abusing female TV Reporters doing 'live' reports is becoming more commonplace.  Toronto Star Columnist Catherine Porter weighed in on this disturbing trend when she spoke to Jim Harrison on May 14th.

Topical Steroids; are they a problem?  The documentary "Under The Skin" attempts to answer that question. NL's Francesca Lucia joined the Jim Harrison Show on Thursday, May 13th to talk about the plight of Kamloops resident, Janelle Norman..

Kamloops Mayor Milobar made his weekly visit to the Harrison Show on Wednesday, May 13th with an update on traffic disruptions in the city, amongst other issues.

How hot is too hot?  Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips had some broiling news for Jim Harrison when he popped by the Show on Wednesday, May 13th.

Are you "Bear Aware"? Frank Ritcey is a Provincial Wildsafe Coordinator.  He joined Jim Harrison on Wednesday, May 13th to share some valuable advice to keep us all safe in the woods.

It's called "Slide The City". With more, Rachel Thomas and Tim McLeod swung by the Harrison Show on Wednesday, May 13th to explain.

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